05-07    Donna Wolverton - Wolverton Artists’ Management - Great Falls, Virginia
02-03    Bob Quintana – Octave Digital Artists  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
01-02    Mareidi Anders – Mareidi Anders Artists Management - San Francisco, California
98-02    John Such (Opera Bookings) – John Such Artists Management - New York City
98-02    Jean Seidel (Concert Bookings) -John Such Artists Management - Chicago, Illinois
98-04    Margo E. Hunt – (All Charitable Events) - Toronto, Canada
97-98    Dorothy Cone – Dorothy Cone Artists Management - New York City
87-94    Anne Murdock/ JoAnne Hart –Hart/ Murdock Artist Management - Toronto, Canada
89-91    William Guerri – Trawick Artists Management – New York City
94-95    Joyce Arbib – Columbia Artists (CAMI) – New York City
95-97    Anne Murdock / JoAnne Hart –Hart/Murdock Artist Management – Toronto, Canada
85-87    Viv Dubois – Viv Dubois Artists Management - Toronto, Canada



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