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Linda studied conducting at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and learned on stage from performance experience in working with many of the great conductors and choirs of our time (www.LindaMaguire.com).  She is a past director 2005-2007 of the Prince William Chorale. She currently conducts the choir at Emmanuel on High Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia and also works with Encore Creativity at Brighton Gardens in Bethesda. 

A master of vocal production, Linda is keenly interested in understanding, explaining and teaching how we are engineered to sing and phonate as part of optimal health and overall wellness. Choral singing provides  full sensory awareness and acute cognitive and communicative abilities to individuals as well as groups of persons and is well noted to lift the human spirit and generate optimal overall body function through breath and core muscle use, oxygenation and effects of resonance on the brain and bodies of both singer and audiences. 

Linda's extraordinary talents, training and abilities as a musician combines vocal expertise, kayboard skills and extensive performance experience into a choral rehearsal experience that is both unique and highly effective towards a truly effective choral product.


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