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  Linda, relatively new to organ playing, began her formal studies only in the summer of 2007 using her “parallel learning” method.  A fast learner as a result, she joined the staff at Emmanuel on High Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia as Organist and Music Director in the fall of that same year.   She has since studied with organists Bill Neil of the Kennedy Center and Kevin Feltman. She is thoroughly enjoying her work at Emmanuel and the rapid progress she is continuing to make at the instrument.  A pianist and keyboardist of many years, Linda began piano studies at Oberlin Conservatory 30 years ago and ‘kept up her chops’ during a 20-year (and still going!) vocal career.  She plays for several local professional organizations and includes weddings, memorials, special holidays and private parties and events in her working professional repertoire.  In her many years of working with Alzheimer’s patients, Linda uses only the piano for treatment of this neurological condition and has a 3-CD set of Music for Alzheimer’s.  Linda’s piano playing is featured on the “Sushi Party” DVD Series. She also has a grief therapy CD “Music for Memorials”, a “Meditation/ Relaxation” CD (created for massage therapists) “AD/ZZ” Music to treat adolescent insomnia and others (please see product page).

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