Linda Maguire, MHS, MA-CBN, BMus, CEO and Chief Science Officer, Maguire Brain Health Sciences

Linda Maguire is a Professional Musician, Neuroscientist, Gerontologist, Author and Lecturer. A recent graduate from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with degrees in Health Science and Gerontology (MHS '14), she is currently completing a PhD in Health Communications at George Mason University.  Linda also holds a Psychology Masters from George Mason University and a BA in Vocal Performance and Opera from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and University of Toronto. Linda’s goal is the development of "Prescription iPods" as a medically validated device and intervention for caregivers and elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s and in  neurocognitive decline. 

Linda lectures and demonstrates on the power of music to escort mood, cognition and behavior, as well as brain health oxygenation science and tissue rehydration rescue strategies. She is an inventor of numerous brain-health based devices and produces recordings, CDs, films, demonstrations, tutorials and intervention techniques.  Linda continues to perform professionally and enjoyed a renowned international career and operatic soloist.


Check out just some of the papers and presentations by Linda:

Presenter: at the School of Music - "Music, Memory, and the Cerebellum"

Presenter: at the "Memory Care Forum" in Philadelphia (continuing professional education training for facility administrators)

Paper on: Mitochondria, Oxygen, Metals and Dementias

Paper on: Music Memory and the Cerebellum




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